Hi, I am Lisa and I write under the name HypoGal. 

This is a brief, About HypoGal, page. 

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The creation of the HypoGal website and HypoGal blog is to provide chronic illness health tips, share resources and stories about everyday life.

Each day, I live, breath, think about and experience the effects of my chronic illnesses.

I am not a writer but I am passionate about the chronically ill topic.  So, please excuse my typos, incorrect grammar in advance. 

The HypoGal website and HypoGal blog are my way of playing it forward. 

Countless medical specialists, online support groups and my family have helped me to survive my chronic illnesses, thank you. 

More about me:

I am a middle-aged average woman who is blessed to have a wonderful husband and incredible children.

Unfortunately, after the arrival of my second child, I was stricken with several rare diseases.

Life with a rare disease can be a struggle.

Obtaining a medical diagnosis for a rare disease can be frustrating, costly and confusing.

I find that once you are diagnosed with a rare disease finding medical information about the disease can be a challenge.

Numerous rare diseases have limited medical information.

The HypoGal Website contains information that can be helpful to those living with a chronic illness or rare disease.

The HypoGal Blog is about my experiences with several rare medical conditions.

As for my medical record, I struggle with Sheehan’s Syndrome, Relapsing Polychondritis, Diverticulosis, Depression, Pulmonary Emboli, Cervical Dystonia, and Fibromyalgia.

I am a real mess! 🙂

I could be the poster child for rare invisible diseases.

If I had a dollar for everytime someone told me, you look so good, I could easily pay for a cruise around the world.

"It Is What It Is", and I choose to play it forward.

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