quest lab labcorp Lets You Order With Own Labs Without A Doctor

DirectLabs enables you to save money, time and can help your health thrive. enables you to choose your lab tests without seeing a doctor.

Yes, you can order your own labs online without seeing a doctor!

Plus when you can order your own lab tests, you will know the exact price.

You order the lab test or tests you want online, pay for your lab test or tests then schedule your appointment online with a local lab.

Again, DirectLabs works with major labs so there should be a lab near you.


DirectLabs is a fabulous alternative way for people with high health insurance deductibles or without health insurance 

Quest Labs 

Pay with and schedule your appointment at any Quest Lab Location.

Find a list of Quest Labs locations.

There most likely is a Quest Lab near you. 

Quest Diagnostics now provides QuestDirect


QuestDirect allows you to order lab tests directly from their website. 

Here is the web link to Quest Diagnostics, QuestDirect

You can order COVID-19 Active Infection test with QuestDirect

QuestDirect offers by At-Home Collection and Drive-Thru Collection

The COVID-19 Antibody blood test is also by QuestDirect. 


LabCorp is the world's leading health care diagnostics Company.

LabCorp Locations

LabCorp has locations nationwide. Click here to find the LabCorp near you. 

LabCorp is at Walgreens in 18 states. 

LabCorp and COVID-19 Antibody Testing

Find out more about LabCorp Antibody Testing.