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Pituitary Gland and Growth Hormone 

An unbalanced pituitary gland can cause havoc to your body. 

A majority of the Growth Hormone in your body is released from the pituitary gland. 

I experience pituitary gland deficiency. The cause of my pituitary gland non-function is Sheehan's Syndrome.

You can read about my journey with Sheehan's Syndrome on this web link. 

Before my Sheehan's Syndrome diagnosis, numerous Endocrinologist told me that I was depressed, postpartum blue, and tired. 

Yes, depression, exhaustion mixed with anxiety resonated through my body but I knew I was ill. 

At the time the words, chronic illness, were words I did not understand nor did I have a guide to navigate. 

To help provide direction to others  I am posting different types of articles about Growth Hormone. 

I hope these articles can help you better understand, What Is Growth Hormone? How Does Growth Hormone Work? Growth Hormone deficiency, Growth Hormone testing, and types of Growth Hormone replacement. 


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