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It has been over four  years since I clicked away to try to win The Mayo Clinic Social Media Summit Conference Scholarship Contest. As I reflect on the last four  years I am amazed at the rapid growth of the digital world. Every minute the Social Media world evolves, terms change, apps are created, WordPress plugins update and I  struggle to keep up. I realize Social Media has enabled me to share my experiences of living with a chronic illness and play it forward. So, in order to play it forward, I try to keep up, however, slowly.


I have to chuckle that four years ago I was not sure how to link my HypoGalBlog to my HypoGal Facebook page, but I learned. I continue to learn and to make countless errors. I recently, deleted, lost my entire 4 four years of HypoGalBlog posts. To lose my blog posts was a very bittersweet experience, mostly bitter. The sweet part is my HypoGalBlog makeover has begun.

Hopefully, the HypoGal Blog will be completely updated shortly. I have also learned that I need to have a better backup system. So, as I reminiscence about the past, I have post the essay I submitted to The Mayo Clinic Social Media Summit Conference Scholarship Contest in August of 2011.

Here is my Mayo Clinic Social Media Summit Conference Scholarship Contest Essay:

As I scroll through my Facebook account, I notice that The Mayo Clinic has a Social Media Summit Conference scholarship contest. I also note, that the deadline was August 3rd. I quickly, double check my calendar, yep, it was already, August 1st. It is already after 7:00PM and the sun has already begun its departure.

I decide, to handle the deadline challenge just like the rest of my medical ailments, move forward. The inspirational words, Social Media is the phrase that enables me to temporary halt my life and begin to click away on this essay, Please, Like, Tweet and Comment this HypoGal to the Mayo Clinic Social Media Summit.

My essay title is direct and on point. My name is Lisa and on the World Wide Web, I write by the pen name, HypoGal. I created the HypoGal web site in 2010 to expand awareness of the rare disease, Sheehan’s Syndrome.

Sheehan’s Syndrome is a rare disease of the pituitary gland that is frequently misdiagnosed. The pituitary gland is a burnt red, soft, oval pea sized gland that is located at the base of our brain.

The pituitary gland is often referred to as the master gland. Its reference as the master gland because the pituitary releases hormones that control almost all of our endocrine system. The master gland (pituitary gland) sends signals to our other glands to produce hormones that regulate growth in childhood, control our metabolism, libido, fertility, emotions, sexual maturity, muscle tone and essentially make life worth celebrating.

Sheehan’s Syndrome is caused by severe blood loss during or after childbirth. The blood loss during and post childbirth may be particularly damaging to the pituitary gland. The loss of blood to the pituitary gland may destroy hormone-producing tissue. When necrosis of the pituitary gland occurs the pituitary may lose some or all of its functions.

I developed Sheehan’s Syndrome in 2002 during the arrival of my beautiful second daughter. Immediately after her birth my body went into Adrenal Crisis. I began to vomit, my body temperature began to lower, my blood pressure declined and I literally feeling I was hit by a bus.

I could feel something was terribly wrong with my body, but it would take a terrifying nine months before the diagnosis of Sheehan’s Syndrome. This disease is rare and I am misdiagnosed numerous times. And, even when the disease is diagnosed correctly, many patients are not able to receive the proper lab testing and treatment plans necessary to balance their lifestyle.

I know it is frustrating with the lack of medical information with this rare disease. I also feel extremely isolated. I am fortunate to have a very caring Endocrinologist that informs me about an online Sheehan’s Syndrome Group. It is through the help of this online support group and numerous other online tools that I am able to navigate my daily care with Sheehan’s Syndrome.

Sheehan’s Syndrome is a difficult invisible, chronic disease to manage. My physical and emotional health would not have progressed in such a positive manner if it were not for all the caring and knowledge individuals that selflessly give me their time.

It is with this realization that I know others would benefit from my voice. Through my HypoGal website, HypoGal Blog and Facebook Page I am able to reach out to others who may share similar journeys.

However, I realize my Social Media skills are limited. The Mayo Clinic  Social Media Summit Conference would offer me the education, guidance and direction to help empower my voice. And, most importantly, I would be able to play it forward to a much larger audience.

So, please if you have a Facebook then, “Like” this link. And, if you have a Twitter Account, then please “Tweet”. More than ever, your comments are absolutely needed. Please help enable this HypoGal’s voice to echo.

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