What Are The Different Types Of Disability Insurance?

What Are The Different Types Of Disability Insurance?


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All the different types of Disability Insurance can be overwhelming.

The goal of this page is breakdown, what are the different types of disability insurance? into easy to understand reading. 

Before you purchase a disability insurance policy, you should check with your tax advisor.

How you pay for your disability insurance coverage may affect your payout.

A disability insurance policy paid directly by an individual has different tax consequences than a disability insurance policy paid through a company payroll.

Here is an overview of Disability Insurance:

What Are The Different Types Of Disability Insurance?

Short-Term Disability Insurance

  • Short-Term Disability Insurance coverage works best for an injured or sick individual.
  • A person who is unable to go back to work within 30 days up to two years of their disability claim.

Long-term Disability Insurance

  • Long-term disability insurance covers people who are disabled and unable to work for a longer period.
  • A disability insurance policy that is long-term offers longer term limits than short-term disability insurance.
  • The range for long-term disability insurance can be from two years to a lifetime.
  • Disability insurance for a long-term policy offers an individual a set amount of financial security.
  • Most long-term disability plans do not provide benefits until a person has been disabled for more than 90 days.

Own-Occupation Disability Insurance

  • Own-occupation disability insurance covers individuals who are not able to perform their normal job duties because of a disabling condition or illness.

Any-Occupation Disability Insurance

  • Any-occupation disability insurance requires users to prove that they are unable to work at any job before they can receive disability benefits.

Governmental Social Security Disability Insurance (S.S.D.I.)

  • The government of the United States offers Social Security Disability Insurance in the form of Social Security payments. There is a lengthy application process for this type of insurance, and the requirements are extremely strict.







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