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Have you ever wondered if your doctor has any Malpractice Lawsuits,  where your doctor went to medical school? What year did your doctor graduate medical school? Where are your doctor is licensed to practice medicine? I have.

My life as a professional patient has caused me to wonder about the medical background of several of physician I have seen. 

To answer my curiosity I have frequently clicked on the Federal Medical State Board website. Please be aware of the proverb, curiosity killed the cat. 

However, I am a firm believer that knowledge is power. 

When I read Trisha Torrey, article "How to Uncover Malpractice Suits Against Doctors" I found her shared medical stories enlightening.

I also found it disturbing that a doctor with numerous Malpractice Suits in one state can try to start with a clean medical record by moving his practice to another state. 

To help you find out about your doctor or a doctor you may want to see in the future, the Federal Medical State Board Website is a good resource.

The Federal Medical State Board website provides information about the doctor:

  • Certifications eg. Internal Medicine
  • Education eg. University of California, Los Angeles of Medicine
  • Year of Graduation: eg. 1982
  • Active Licenses eg.California
  • Actions eg. NONE

Please be aware that all reporting of malpractice lawsuits may not be accurate nor the details fully disclosed. 

If you find the term, "Memorandum of Decision" against your doctor without additional information then dig deeper.

You can type your doctor's name along with the keywords "malpractice, lawsuits, sanctions" into any major search engine to find additional information. 

A doctor may have the same name as another doctor in your state; so double check your information. 

It may seem like a bit of work to check the malpractice background of your doctor but it may save your life. 

I hope  How to find out if your doctor has any malpractice lawsuits has been useful.



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