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Jerry Lewis Muscular Dystrophy Overview

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Jerry Lewis RIP

Yesterday, I was sad to learn that Jerry Lewis passed away.

I have fond memories of Jerry Lewis.  

Jerry Lewis Muscular Dystrophy Overview

As a child, I recall being able to stay up late at my grandmother’s to watch The Jerry Lewis MDA Labor Day twenty-one hour television marathon.

The show was founded and hosted by actor and comedian Jerry Lewis.

Jerry Lewis hosted the broadcast The Jerry Lewis MDA Labor Day television marathon from its 1966 inception until 2010.

I would watch in awe as Mr. Lewis would entertain millions of television viewers with his dance steps, interesting guests and comedic lines.

Jerry Lewis’s dedication to Muscular Dystrophy created awareness about the disease and raised millions to help further Muscular Dystrophy research.

As Jerry Lewis spearheaded Muscular Dystrophy awareness, he had his health issues.

Jerry Lewis Health Conditions

He suffered his first heart attack in his forties, heart surgeries, pneumonia, prostate cancer, diabetes and viral meningitis followed.

It is rumored that Jerry Lewis health challenges caused him to take Prednisone.

A significant amount of Prednisone may have contributed to large weight gain later in his life.

Even with health hurdles, Jerry Lewis lived 91 years.

The legacy of the remarkable man, Jerry Lewis will live on forever.

Jerry Lewis RIP

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