What Are The Benefits of Carvacrol Oil?

The Carvacrol In Oregano Oil May Help Your Immune System

Why Carvacrol Oil

       Find What Essential Oils Contain Carvacrol 

What Is Carvacrol Oil?

The Oregano Oil contains Carvacrol or cyanophenol, C6H3CH3(OH)(C3H7), is a monoterpenoid phenol.

A Carvacrol, is a component of thyme oil, activates PPARalpha and gamma and suppresses COX-2 expression. Cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2), the rate-limiting enzyme in prostaglandin biosynthesis, plays a key role in inflammation and circulatory homeostasis.

The smell of Carvacrol is characteristic of the strong pungent odor found in oregano.

Many researchers have found support that Carvacrol Oil may benefit:

  • Showed Some Interesting Results Against Cancer Cells
  • Cleans as Effectively as Chlorine
  • Great Against Harmful Organisms
  • Effective Against Candida
  • Promotes Normal Lipid Levels
  • Supports Balanced Blood Sugar
  • Fights Systemic Redness and Swelling

The cytotoxic effect of Carvacrol can make it an effective antiseptic and antimicrobial agent.

Antioxidant activity has been shown in Carvacrol.

Carvacrol is present in the essential oil of :

  • Origanum vulgare (oregano)
  • Oil of thyme
  • Oil obtained from pepperwort
  • Wild bergamot
  • The essential oil of Thyme subspecies contains between 5% and 75% of carvacrol
  • Satureja (savory) subspecies have a content between 1% and 45% of Carvacrol
  • Origanum majorana (marjoram) content approximately 60- 80 percent of Carvacrol
  • Dittany of Crete are rich in Carvacrol, and contain about 50% of Carvacrol

What Plants Contain Carvacrol?

  • Monarda didyma
  • Nigella sativa
  • Origanum dictamnus
  • Origanum microphyllum
  • Origanum scabrum
  • Origanum syriacum
  • Thymus glandulosus
  • Lavandula multifida

What Are The Long Term Effects Of Carvacrol Oil?

Carvacrol does not have many long-term genotoxic risks.

The cytotoxic effect of carvacrol can make it an effective antimicrobial and antiseptic medicine.

Since, Carvacrol Oil has been found to show antioxidant activity I feel it may be a terrific alternative medicine. 

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