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What Is Float Therapy?

What Is Float Therapy?



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What Is Floating Therapy?

Float Therapy is an alternative health therapy where you step into an oversized size tub filled with about in about eighteen inches of warm water. 

The water in the oversized tub is saturated with hundreds of pounds of Epsom salt.

 Dark room steel walls surround the tub and prevent any light from seeping through.

The high concentration of Epsom salt makes you buoyant. 

Your body is in a near-zero gravity state. 

The near-zero gravity state helps your body reduce external sensory to the brain.

You do not need to be a swimmer to enjoy float therapy. 

Everyone can float in the water without effort.

How Does Float Therapy Work?

Float Therapy requires almost no energy.

Each person is in a dark, warm Epsom Salt tank.

The float tanks come in several forms.

Some float tanks resemble an oversized egg whereas other were similar to a walk in closet.

Once situated in the float tank, you can close the stainless steel door and unwind in the darkness.

Floating offers your mind and body a relaxing place to completely relax and distress.



I am a fan of Float Therapy as an alternative health resource. 

I have tried the benefits of Float Therapy at  Awaken Float.

Awaken Float Therapy is a clean, well-maintained business.

I can understand why Tustin, Awaken Float as such terrific Yelp reviews. 

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I hope you have found What Is Float Therapy, health reference insightful. 



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