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Pituitary Gland Diseases

When excessive or insufficient hormones are produced by the Pituitary Gland more than a dozen different disorders of the endocrine system can result.

Here is a list of Diseases Caused by the Pituitary Gland disorder:

Diseases Caused by Pituitary Gland DisordersCaused ByHormones Affected 
Acromegalyoverproductiongrowth hormone
Cushing’s diseaseoverproductionadrenocorticotropic hormone
Growth hormone deficiencyunder productiongrowth hormone
Syndrome of inappropriate antidiuretic hormoneoverproductionvasopressin
Diabetes insipidusunder productionvasopressin
Sheehan syndromeunder productionany pituitary hormone
Pickardt-Fahlbusch-Syndromeunder productionany pituitary hormone, except prolactin, which is increased
Hyperpituitarismoverproductionany pituitary hormone
Hypopituitarismunder productionany pituitary hormone

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