GoodRx Drug Card

How Does GoodRx Work?

How Does GoodRx Work?

GoodRx is a discount prescription medication program that allows you to find the lowest price on your medication.

Step 1 in How Does GoodRx Work: You go to the GoodRx website. If you do not desire to click on the previous weblink the GoodRx website is

Is GoodRx Legit?

Yes, GoodRx is legitimate!

GoodRx Holdings, Inc. was incorporated in 2015 and is based in Santa Monica, California.

GoodRx is a publicly traded company. The stock symbol for GoodRx is GDRX. 

GoodRx Stock Price

Here is the web link to GoodRx Holdings, Inc stock price. This stock price is listed on Yahoo Finance.

How Does GoodRx Make Money?

GoodRx prescription service is free to use and GoodRx still makes money.

GoodRx makes money from three key sectors:

  • Referrals to pharmacies. The GoodRx Coupon and GoodRx app is an income producer. Pharmacies pay GoodRx directly for referral from the GoodRx coupon. The pharmacies want your business!
  • GoodRx Gold subscription plan. GoodRx gold subscription is available for individuals for 5.99 a month and $10.99 a month for up to five family members.
  • Advertisements. Millions of people visit the GoodRx website everyday. The high traffic volume GoodRx website receives make it attractive for corporation to purchase ad space.

GoodRx Coupon

You do not have to set up a GoodRx account to use the GoodRx coupons. However, I find it is easier if you set up a GoodRx account and confirm your zip code.

Step 2: You type in your prescription medication into the medication search bar.

A list of your prescription medication costs at available pharmacies will be shown to you.

Step 3: If you choose the GoodRx prescription coupon you can print out the coupon or send the coupon to your smartphone.

Other Features GoodRx Prescription Card:

  • The GoodRx App is a mobile app that is easy to navigate.
  • GoodRx for pets medication.
  • The GoodRX website can provide you with a GoodRx pharmacy discount card.

Can You Use GoodRx With Medicare

You are unable to use GoodRx with Medicare.

However, you may be able to receive better value with GoodRX coupon card.

Unfortunately, Medicare is not always the least expensive way to purchase your prescription medication. Some Medicare prescriptions are not even covered and some people may be the Medicare, "donut hole".

The GoodRx website enables you to compare the price point between Medicare prescription cost and the cost using the GoodRx prescription program.

The costs of prescription medications can be exorbitant.

The #1 reason Americans do not take their prescription medication is cost.

Sadly, medical costs are the leading cause of half of all bankruptcies. 

Can You Use GoodRx With Insurance

You are not able to use GoodRx with your insurance.

Many times the GoodRx coupon prescription prices may be better than your insurance prices. You should allows check the differences. 

GoodRx Card Options

Most people do not realize if they are not able to afford their medication the medication manufacturers offer assistance programs.

If you do not qualify for an assistance program but need to save money on your prescription then GoodRX or another discount prescription program may help you save money.

A new discount prescription card competitor, Blink Health is giving away free prescription medication. Please note the free prescription medication is good for a one month supply and does not apply to all prescription medication.

How Does GoodRx Offer Such Competitive Prescription Pricing?

Good RX matches the prices of your medications with hundreds of suppliers and offers you the results.

GoodRX Prices

More reasons why GoodRX is able to offer you lower prescription costs:

  • Prices for prescription drugs vary widely between pharmacies. U.S. drug prices are neither fixed nor regulated. The cost of a prescription may differ by more than $100 between two pharmacies across the street from each other.
  • If you do not have insurance, it is easy to receive a better price. While prices for most drugs at pharmacies are very high for the uninsured patient, there are many ways to save 80% or more – coupons, savings tips, pharmacy or manufacturer discounts, cheaper alternative drugs, or just asking for a better price.
  • If you have insurance, your co-pay might not be the best price. Hundreds of generic medications are available for $4 or even free without insurance. Your $10 co-pay does not sound so terrific when you can get the same drug for 60% less with GoodRx. Plus, many plans have high deductibles or limited formularies that do not cover the drugs you need. While the price of drugs is decreasing your drug costs increases. When brand-name drugs like Lipitor, Lexapro, and Singulair go generic, their price drops from hundreds of dollars to as little as $4. But insurance companies are pushing more of the cost of drugs (25-80% more than 10 years ago) onto patients.


GoodRx is a terrific way to save money on your prescription medication.


what is GoodRx

GoodRx Prices

Finding medications and savings on GoodRx is easy.

When you review the GoodRx website you can find a wealth of information.

GoodRx website provides information about medication side effects, information about the medication and images of the prescription medication.

Another alternative to save more money on your prescription medication is GoodRX Gold. 

GoodRx Gold

How Much Is GoldRx Gold?

If you are willing to buy a small monthly membership fee than GoodRx Gold may be a good prescription solution for you and your family members.

The GoodRX Gold provides dramatic prescription drug discounts.

The Good Rx Gold provides you with a GoodRX Gold prescription card or you are able to use the GoodRX mobile app. You can use your GoodRX Gold card or app at thousands of pharmacices is in the United States.

As of May, 2021 for a fee of  $5.99 a month, GoodRx Gold membership provides exclusive access to low drug prices for individuals.

GoodRX Gold Family Plan

As of May, 2021 for a fee of $9.99 a month you can receive the GoodRX Family Plan.

The GoodRX Family Plan allows you to include up to five family members. Your five five members can include your children, grandparent and even your family pets.


GoodRx Drug Directory

This web link will take you to the GoodRx Drug Directory page.

You can browse GoodRx drugs from A to Z. There is also a list of the top 20 most common prescription medications. 

GoodRx Health Condition Directory

The GoodRx website allows you to search prescription medication by health condition. 

This is the web link to the GoodRx Health Condition page. 

GoodRx Pharmacy

GoodRX Gold Prescription Card is accepted at CVS, Safeway, Sam's Club, Walgreens, Walmart, Vons, Kroger, Publix and the list goes on and on. 

Here is the web link to a list of pharmacies that accept the GoodRx Prescription Card.

GoodRx for Pets

Yes! GoodRx for pets enable you to save money on your pet prescriptions.

GoodRx makes it easy to compare prices on pet medications.

GoodRx brings together prices from major online pet medication retailers, local pharmacies that help you find the lowest prices on your pet medications.

Click on this web link to view the GoodRx for Pets web page. 

GoodRx Lab Tests

GoodRx allows you to order lab test online. You can complete a lab test at home or at a service center.

GoodRx offers numerous popular lab tests.

Here are a list of some of the lab tests GoodRx offers;

  • Coronavirus
  • Thyroid Function
  • UTI Test
  • Food Sensitivity
  • STD Panel for Female and Male
  • Vitamin D
  • Pregnancy
  • Celiac
  • Testosterone

GoodRx Lab Test Providers

GoodRx work with well known labs, that include;

  • LabCorp
  • Jason Health
  • QuestDirect
  • Paloma
  • Scanwell

This web link will take you to the GoodRx Online Lab Test page.