What Is Sheehan’s Syndrome Caused By?

sheehans syndrome symptoms

What Is Sheehan’s Syndrome Caused By?   Sheehan’s Syndrome is caused by a restriction of blood supply to the pituitary gland during or after childbirth. A woman who hemorrhages or losses too much blood during childbirth may experience a restriction of blood supply to the pituitary gland.  The lack of blood flow to the pituitary glands can…

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All About Sheehan's Syndrome

HypoGal shares all about Sheehan’s Syndrome, learn what is Sheehan’s Syndrome? Photo of the pituitary gland, what is the function of the pituitary gland and diseases of the pituitary gland.

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Learn what is Sheehan Syndrome? What are the symptoms of Sheehan Syndrome? Pituitary Gland hormones, and how to understand Sheehan’s Syndrome.

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Sheehan’s Syndrome

Pituitary Gland Function

The rare disease Sheehan’s Syndrome is a disease that affects the function of the pituitary gland and is caused by severe blood loss during or after childbirth. The loss of blood to the pituitary gland may destroy hormone producing tissue. When necrosis of the pituitary gland occurs the pituitary may lose some or all of its function.

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